Xado Pty Ltd- South Africa is exclusive representative of XADO Chemical Group for South Africa and SADC region.

XADO Chemical Group is an international group of chemical companies. InitiallyХАDO company was organized in 1991. During 20 years the Company has grown up and become one of the most powerful enterprises in nanotechnology in Europe.

XADO headquarters are located in Kharkov, Ukraine, which used to be the key location of defense industry in the former USSR and still is the largest research and development center in the field of science intensive technologies. In 1998 the result of intensive researches by XADO scientists became a real breakthrough – the discovery of Revitalization Phenomenon.

operating surface. 
The surface 
is rebuilt with a ceramic-metal layer

Revitalizant is a nanochemical substance working on the level of nanocoatings, it restores metal in metal-to-metal friction zones and protects them against future wear. Revitalizant has no analogs in the world. In 1999 XADO began mass production of Revitalizants and other unique Revitalizant containing products.

Today, XADO is a modern and dynamic chemical company having its own certified research center, educational and technical resource center, full production capacities, trade departments and car service centers.

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