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Revitalizant - a product that has made a name XADO brand known worldwide. 

Consider it medicine. If your car is “ill” with noise, smoking, overconsumption of oil or fuel, decrease of power and compression level, the revitalizant will “heal” it.

Revitalizant also works as a preventive agent, so your car does not get “ill” at all. Treatment of car parts will protect your car from serious problems in the future.

After the XADO Chemical Group had introduced the term “revitalization” into use, the medical and cosmetic companies working on rejuvenation and struggle with ageing have started to use it widely.

This unique technology for protection, restoration, and in-place repair of machinery and equipment without additional attraction mechanic - an independent processing units of the car.

Quick, easy, affordable and literally without getting your hands dirty.

Result - the protection, restoration and guarantee against further deterioration of the components.

Revitalizants XADO love your car!

Remember the joy of buying a new car? But with the first turn of the key processes start wear parts or, quite simply, the aging process. Revitalizant provides a unique opportunity to keep your car, its key components and mechanisms in the "as new". Revitalizant - cure for old age for your car! Bring youth and playfulness of your car!