XADO 1 Stage Maximum Atomic Metal Conditioner

Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum 

It is intended for regenerative repair of the engine and its active protection directly during operation of the car. Innovative 3-component * product of a new generation, combining the advantages of a two-phase complex metal conditioner and revitalizant of the third generation.

Reduces fuel consumption

Increases engine power and acceleration

Reduces noise and vibration

Increases engine life

Guarantees non-wear protection of the engine for 100 000 km of run

Restores parts surfaces and compensates for current wear

Aligns and increases compression in cylinders

Increases the oil system pressure to nominal

Creates an active system to protect parts from loads and overheating

Improves lubricating properties of oil and tribological characteristics of engine components



The temperature of the composition before use should not be below +25 ° C.

 Shake the bottle. Put its contents into the oil filler hole of the engine, heated to the operating temperature. Start the engine and ensure its operation at idle speed for 3-5 minutes.

Operate the car in normal mode.


Compatible with all types of motor oils.

Up to 5L oil system         

The metal conditioner with revitalizant is effective for gasoline, gas (LPG) and diesel engines of cars and small trucks with the volume of the oil system from 3 to 5 liters.

 100,000 re-treatment interval   

The protective coating is active for 100,000 km, after which re-treatment is recommended.

Revitalization occurs within 1-1,5 thousand km of run. During this period, the replacement of oil is not recommended.

The repeated use of AMC Maximum is recommended after 100 thousand km of run.

 To ensure the highest level of engine protection against wear, it is recommended to use  XADO Atomic Oil engine oils or AMC HighWay metal conditioner every time you change the oil.

 * The product contains revitalizant in granules, which is completely soluble in oil at operating temperature.

Technologies and certificates

3C EFFECT          

The three-component composition formula (2D sliding agent, revitalizant 1Stage, metal conditioner) allows to achieve a simultaneous effect of restoring worn parts, protecting them from wear and super-high anisotropic fluid mobility between the parts. The 2D sliding agent provides ultra-light sliding between the engine parts. Revitalizant 1 Stage forms a cermet coating on the surfaces of the parts, thereby restoring the working surfaces and compensating for the current wear of engine parts. The metal conditioner strengthens the lubricating film, optimally combines with revitalizant.

3G Generation 

The innovative third generation of revitalizants is primarily the optimal dimension and concentration of activated revitalizant nanoparticles, which are a powerful catalyst for the high-speed growth of a modified worn surface. This, in turn, makes it possible to form a protective cermet coating faster, more efficiently and with prolonged protective properties and self-regeneration capacity for a long period.

 RF 100  

RF 100 - The revitalization factor is a complex quantity that determines the properties of the new modified coating - the level of protection, the level of recovery and the ability to regenerate. RF = 100 means that as a result of the application of the product the engine has undergone a complete revitalization cycle, it has been completely restored and is guaranteed to be protected against wear by 100,000 km



bottle 225 ml