Snipex Gun Cleaning Grease

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Gun Cleaning Grease. Contains REVITALIZANT® nanocomponent.

Designed for regular firearms maintenance. Reliably protects the arms from corrosion even if stored outdoors for a long time. It is used for small and large caliber rifled and smooth bore arms of all types (hunting, sporting, fighting and pneumatic etc.).

Recommended for everyday care of arms by frequent shooting (in a shooting range or during hunting).

  • Quickly displaces contaminations from hard-to-reach places of the gun mechanism
  • Easily dissolves powder scale in the barrel and mechanism of the gun
  • Special components of the grease neutralize the negative acidic effect of powder gas particles
  • Effectively lubricates threaded, rotary and pinning joints and protects them from moisture and corrosion

Detailed specifications


  • Shake the can well
  • Spray on all parts and mechanisms of the gun
  • Wipe clean with a cotton mop or cleaning cloth


Copper residue in the gun bore can be easily and safely eliminated by SNIPEX Total Cleaner, the gel for gun barrels cleaning.


Spray can 200 ml, Art XS 30001