Revitalizant EX120 Moto

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Revitalizant EX120 Moto for small engines and motor equipment.

Designed for repair, restoration and antiwear protection of engines of motor equipment with combined or separate lubricating system with the capacity of up to 1,000 cm³.

Applied to motorcycles, motorbikes, snowmobiles, personal watercrafts and household motor equipment, lawnmowers, chain saws etc. Due to its by 20% greater* active agent concentration, Extreme Action 120% (EX120) REVITALIZANT® possesses the extended potential of worn surface restoration and antiwear protection.

  • Restores worn surfaces of engine cylinders, eliminates scuffs and scratches
  • Increases and levels compression in cylinders
  • Protects friction parts from wear
  • Considerably reduces fuel consumption
  • Restores engine capacity to nominal values
  • Increases the service life span of an engine by 3 times
  • Reduces the amount of harmful exhausts
  • Decreases noise and vibrations

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You should know before use

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For engines with a combined lubricating system:

Introduce** the contents of the syringe into the fuel tank before fueling
Fill the tank with fuel
Start the engine and let it idle for 2–3 min
Operate the car in regular mode
For engines with a separate lubricating system:

Warm up the engine to the normal operating temperature.
Empty the contents of the syringe into the oil filler neck.
Start the engine and let it idle for 2–3 min.
Operate the car in regular mode.
The compound is equally effective for application in two- and four-stroke internal combustion engines of all brands. Does not influence the wet clutch operation. It is not recommended to change oil in four-stroke internal combustion engines until the end of the treatment. The treatment is considered to be completed after not less than 1,500 km of run or 20 hours of engine operation. If the engine capacity exceeds 1,000 cm³ it is necessary to double the dosage. REVITALIZANT® is compatible with any additives, metal conditioners, remetalizants irrespectively of the application sequence. A protective ceramic-metal coating is formed on the metal surface of any alloys. If the wear rate is close to 100%, destroyed parts should be replaced.

* Compared to XADO REVITALIZANT® for small engines.

** It is recommended preliminary to dissolve the contents of the syringe in a small amount of oil (20–30 ml) at its temperature exceeding +35 °C.

syringe in a box 4 ml, art XA 10037