Atomic Metal Conditioner XADO Maximum Automatic Transmission 50ml

Atomic Metal Conditioner XADO Maximum Automatic Transmission 50ml.

Designed for repair, restoration and antiwear potection of automatic transmissions. During the treatment of an automatic transmission a ceramic-metal coating is formed on surfaces of metal parts (toothed wheels, bearings, distributors, clutches). As a result, geometry of parts is restored. Universal for all types of automatic transmissions of trucks, buses and other vehicles.

Provides restoration and antiwear protection of friction metal parts
Eliminates surface defects
Increases operation reliability and prolongs the service life span
Reduces noise and vibrations
Damps extreme loads
Improves smoothness of gear shift
Detailed specifications

You should know before use

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Introduce the contents of the syringe into the operating fluid in the automatic transmission warmed up to the operating temperature

Run your car in regular mode
Oil system capacity, L               10 – 20 20 – 30 30 – 40

Quantity of 50 ml syringes, pcs. 1        2                  3

Treatment regimen Once
A typical sign of beginning of the REVITALIZATION® process is improvement in operation of automatic transmission (noise reduction, smoother gear shift) from the first kilometers of run after the product application.

Technology and certificates

The 3-component additive package allows to restore worn parts and protect them from future wear. REVITALIZANT® builds a new coating on the worn surfaces, thus restoring them and compensating the ongoing wear. The metal conditioner strengthens the lubricating film and optimally interacts with REVITALIZANT®. 2D sliding agent provides ultralight sliding between the engine parts.

3G Generation
The third generation of REVITALIZANT® means the optimal amount of active revitalizing nanoparticles which form a basis of the surface coating with protective and regenerative properties.

100 000
Antiwear protection is guaranteed for 100,000 km of run. After that, it is recommended to conduct a new treatment.

Syringe 50 ml, ХА 42025