Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Diesel Truck for Power Steering Booster

Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Diesel Truck for Power Steering Booster.

The compound is designed for revitalization – repair, restoration, antiwear protection and increase of service life of power steering booster and other hydraulic equipment parts, improvement of lubricating properties of hydraulic fluid.

Special two-component formula of the compound allows to achieve the effect of simultaneous restoration of worn-out parts, their protection against wear and enhancement of lubricating properties of hydraulic fluid.

Restores operating surfaces of parts and compensates their current wear
Decreases steering force
Eliminates pump howl caused by wear
Increase pumping capacity
Decrease noise and vibration of the hydraulic system pump
Improves lubricating properties of hydraulic fluid and tribilogical characteristics of couplongs
Increase operating precision of the hydraulic steering booster within 30-60 miles after application
Protects parts against wear by low level of hydraulic fluid

Detailed specifications
Information section
You should know before use

Introduce the content of the syringe* into the fluid, which is warmed up to the operating temperature, in the tank of a power steering booster. Start the engine and provide its idle operation during 2-3 minutes. Then turn the steering wheel during 5 minutes with the engine turned on. Drive a car as you normally do. The treatment is considered complete after the mechanism has been in operation for 50 hours or after 950 miles of run.

*1. The temperature of the compound before application should not be lower than +20…+25 0C.

2. It is recommended to preliminary dissolve the content of the syringe in a small amount (about 50ml) of used hydraulic fluid.

3. If the fluid in the tank of a power steering pump is contaminated (opaque or changed its initial color etc.) it’s recommended to change hydraulic fluid before application.

30 ml of the product is enough for hydraulic system with capacity of 3-5 l. If hydraulic fluid exceeds 5 liters dosage should be increased at the rate of 30 ml for every 5 l of oil.

Syringe 30 ml XA 42016

Technology and certificates
The 3-component additive package allows to restore worn parts and protect them from future wear. REVITALIZANT® builds a new coating on the worn surfaces, thus restoring them and compensating the ongoing wear. The metal conditioner strengthens the lubricating film and optimally interacts with REVITALIZANT®. 2D sliding agent provides ultralight sliding between the engine parts.

The third generation of REVITALIZANT® means the optimal amount of active revitalizing nanoparticles which form a basis of the surface coating with protective and regenerative properties.

Syringe 30 ml, art ХА 42016