Hydraulic systems

What does revitalization of hydraulic equipment provide:

    • Increases pressure and performance of hydraulic pumps
    • Eliminates flow of hydraulic control valves
    • Increases operational pressure in hydraulic system by 8-20%
    • Improves efficiency of hydraulic engines
    • Increases performance of positive-displacement hydraulic machines by 1.5-2 times


    Hydraulic systems of industrial equipment are treated with XADO Gel-revitalizant for power steering boosters , which is added into hydraulic fluid in 6 stages in the amount of 0.6 ml of gel to 1 L of operational fluid for one treatment stage;

    Accumulated operational time interval between stages makes 12-18 hours;

    Full treatment cycle of hydraulic system makes 550 hours of accumulated operational period, calculated from the first treatment stage.