Gun conserving grease

Modern Conserving grease keeping the arms reliability up to – 76 F.

Contains revitalizant.

Applied for conserving, cleaning and lubricating the arms before storage. Ensures high protection of the arms from corrosion even under long-term open-air storage.

Applied to small- and large-calibre rifled and smooth-bore arms of any type (hunting, sporting, fighting, air rifles etc).

Recommended for the after shooting service and preparing the arms for storage.


  • Helps to prepare the arms for storage quickly. 
  • Possesses high penetrating ability and gets to all parts of the arms.
  • Special inhibiting components of the grease neutralize aggressive actions of the scale particles left after cleaning.
  • Possesses prefect low-temperature properties, provides the mobility and smoothness of the mechanism operation at the ambient temperature up to –60 °С
  • Thanks to the revitalizant, it keeps the surface of the barrel bore in a top condition.

Technical info


  • Shake the can.
  • Spray on the parts and mechanisms of the arms.

The arms do not need deconservation after storage.



  • Has efficient penetrating properties and enters all parts of the arms.
  • Special corrosion inhibitors of the grease neutralize negative affect of the gomes left after cleaning.
  • Due to its perfect low-temperature properties the grease ensures mobility and softness of the arms operation up to – 76 F.
  • Due to revitalizant the grease keeps the surface of the barrel bore in top condition.
  • Doesn’t contain alkali, neutral to plastic, wood, colored and lacquered surfaces, blueing.