Gun cleaning grease

Special modern gun cleaning grease.

Contains revitalizant.

Applied for cleaning and lubricating the arms. Ensures fast and easy cleaning of small- and large-calibre rifled and smooth-bore arms of any type (hunting, sporting, fighting, antique rifles etc).

Recommended to be applied as a daily care for arms in case of frequent shooting (in a rifle range, hunting).


  • Expels contaminations from the hard-to-reach places of trigger and breech-mechanisms quickly.
  • Special cleaning components of the grease dissolve the powder deposits in the barrel bore easily.
  • Lubricates threaded, rotary and pinning joints; protects them from corrosion.
  • Guarantees perfect operation of the arms.
  • Due to revitalizant the grease keeps the surface of the barrel bore in top condition.
  • Doesn't contain alkali, neutral to plastic, wood, colored and lacquered surfaces, blueing.

Technical info


  • Shake the can.
  • Spray on the parts and mechanisms of the arms.

The arms do not need to be wiped dry.