May 27, 2014

Mercedes and Volvo trust XADO oil with their engines

The semi-synthetic motor oil XADO 15W-40 SM/CJ-4 which is very popular for highly loaded diesel engines (SHPD), has recently met the Mercedes approval MB 228.31 as well as the Volvo specification VDS-4.

Now the oil XADO 15W-40 SM/CJ-4 is officially recommended for application in highly loaded Mercedes engines during the warranty and post-warranty maintenance. The oil can certainly be used in practically all* of such engines for trucks, buses and industrial units operating on gas or diesel fuel and meeting the toxicity requirements Euro 5 (and lower).

The fact that the oil XADO 15W-40 SM/CJ-4 meets the specification VDS-4 allows its application in any engines of Volvo trucks, including those with the maintenance intervals of up to 100,000 km. In addition to the Volvo specification VDS-4, the oil meets the requirements of such specifications as Mack EO-O Premium Plus and Renault VI RLD-3.

You can find electronic copies of the approvals on our website in the Certificates section.

* With the exception of engines of Arocs trucks (OM 936, OM 470, OM 471 и OM 473) with the specification Euro 6. These engines require the oil XADO 10W-40 Е4/Е6/Е7 which meets the specification MB 228 5.1