May 27, 2014

XADO conquers British racing tracks

Today we are going to tell you about Mike Comber, non-professional racer from Britain.

XADO conquers British racing tracks
Mike is the owner of Thrussington Garage which specializes in Saab and Mazda servicing and race car preparation.

He loves powerful and fast cars which is why he decided to take up motor sport.

Mike Comber started his racing career in karting but he felt need for speed and changed to more serious cars of Formula 750.

So, in 2012 he won the 750 Motor Club Locost Championships. After such success the racer was voted by Motorsport News as “one of the top 10 privateer drivers in the UK, with a bright future ahead of him in motor racing”.

XADO conquers British racing tracks

Last year Mike once again managed to become the champion, but this time in the BRSCC Autumn Series. Comber is recognized as a rather skillful racer and mechanic and was approved as ARDS race instructor.

He prepares cars for races himself in Thrussington Garage and in between the seasons he managed to assemble a Mazda MX5 car. He decided to drive this car during the 2014 BRSCC Super Cup for Mazda MX5 NC cars.

Mike Comber started in April and won the first two races. The competition took place at the GP/F1 track at Silverstone. Despite the fact that it had been raining all weekend, Mike won race 1 by almost 20 seconds and in damp conditions set a new lap record.

XADO conquers British racing tracks

In race 2 on the dry track Mike set a new lap record and easily won that round. In a race of 30 drivers, 5 of them are full-time racing drivers and one is a current British GT front-runner in an Audi Q8 and had won the MX5 championship for the previous 5 years.

XADO conquers British racing tracks

According to Mike, not only his skills allowed him to achieve this victory: “Back in 2012, we found several products that gave us a competitive advantage — range of XADO Revitalizant additives for oil and fuel system.

The SuperCup is very strictly regulated, because we have to use a standard engine and gearbox with no modifications allowed. The only way to go faster is to be a better driver or to use products which will legally improve the reliability and performance of mechanisms without technical intervention.

XADO conquers British racing tracks

The real gains which we achieved thanks to XADO include increase of cylinder compression from 12.5 bar to 14 bar, which helped our engine to produce another 6 bhp. My engine also runs cooler and uses less fuel than other race driver’s cars we have in our team and they are queuing up to have the ‘XADO treatment’ before our next races at Brands Hatch.”

Mike has a new challenge on 3rd May when the next two rounds are at the famous Brands Hatch race circuit. If his success continues he will be looking to earn a drive in the British GT championship for the next season.

We are looking forward to future races and wish Mike Comber well!